@ Animals Who Love was created in order to help exude and unite all  Humane Stories and Memories.

We are an open library of stories for humanity.

We understand that everyone has and/or had a love story that is/was much different than that of another person, however, we all have been a part of some entangled love tale.

You can reveal YOUR STORY knowingly or anonymously as a form of expression.

And let it not be just love, you can be the book you always dreamt of – for one moment, you can shed light on those who are on a similar path as you.

“We once thought that the universe was going to continue giving us what we thought we enjoyed so deeply, but now, it may seem that the universe was only proving someone wrong.”


Here, you are able to express, share, and tell your story. Whether it be love for another person, or love for our humanity.  You can make a small difference in giving the universe your words to allow solace for another being.

You may find comfort in yourself.


Here, there is Peace.

Here, there is a chair for you.

You may sit down and speak.

You are allowed to rest and you can open your heart and mind – to allow another person to read your story as an open book.



We are based in Minneapolis, MN with the intention to spread unity and love around the world. We want to share meaningful stories as we are humans, in being complex animals, just trying to live and survive a happy life. The journey may become dark at times, but the light may be right around the corner, shining brighter than it seems.

If you are interested in sharing your story and becoming a seed here at Animals Who Love, please email us at 


Instagram: animals.who.love