Love’s Redemption

Love’s Redemption

By: I. Wimana. C

In this lifetime, there’s few you ever meet,

Who can capture your heart in a single beat,

I was stuck in past hurt, heartbreak and deceit,

But you came along and swept me straight off my feet.

You’re the one who set me free, and I’ll forever be,

Grateful for you seeing what they refused to see,

Such a blessing the universe directed you to me,

Once locked in darkness, but you became the key.

It’s such a miracle, that you chose me as the best,

Out of all the rest trying to steadily impress,

I was sinking thinking about the pain in my chest,

Caught stuck in a quicksand of betrayal, I was a mess.

My light through the darkness, my sun in the rain,

My smile in the sadness, my joy in the pain,

Without you my dear I won’t ever be sane,

So I pray up to God you forever remain.

You’re perfect, and by perfection,

I mean your flaws and all is my addiction,

The cure to my affliction, your heart gives the injection,

A euphoric dosage of love and affection,

My love for you has no limit of description,

It’d take an eternity to even begin to mention,

I just know that you’re love’s definition,

My one and only, my number one, there’s no competition.

By: I. Wimana. C


Thank you for sharing your story here with us. We are sure that many other beings here on earth will find some peace within your words. We hope to see you again, soon! Keep writing, and never EVER give up .. EvEr!

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One thought on “Love’s Redemption

  1. Thank you! It was my pleasure being apart of the launch of such an amazing site! Looking forward to many things from this movement! Much Love and Peace!


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