Run, Hide ** Fight, Die

to Run and Hide


to Fight and Die


“Anger is a gift but love reigns supreme, B!”
– Kyle Anthony
do YOU hear me,

Love is the ONLY thing that will TRANSCEND!

“Run and hide? That’s synonymous with turn the cheek and praying. Fight fire with fire.”
– BlackRose

love will travel beyond the galaxies and beyond all passings, but what if you were taken too?
would you tell me to run and hide with my family,
or would you tell me to fight and die for what is right.
am i going to die for fighting? or am i just scared,
tell me …
would you want me to stand up for you, in solidarity with our folk here,
to protect what we have here,
to find justice for what happened here ..
or would you want me to take your family with me as we run and hide for safety, in hopes to find some safety.
praying safely.
is it possible to run, and then come back – fight, then hide.
come back.
i’m coming back,
i’ll take you with me when we are done fighting …
let’s go hide.
tell me, what is right?
would they still find me while hiding?
tell me,
what would you want me to do if you were taken too…



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