We are Love

Hello there strangers!

I would call you all our seeds, however, you must connect and plant your love with us before you can bloom.

No, honestly, you have already bloomed. YES!

Wait, you are currently blooming. YES! you are NOT done!


I would like to introduce myself as the founder of AnimalsWhoLove, where we unite and share love and experiences to transcend into a higher meaning of life.

We too can understand someone else’s story while reading them as an open book.

I have been inspired by many people here on earth, so much, it scares me at times.

So, we have decided to finally create a place for love and everything great.

The universe was proving me wrong, over and over again.

I kept on thinking and believing that I did not have to move on,

and then she just kept tricking me. The universe would not let me get him back.

I was faced to understand that I too, must let go.


I won’t get in depth with my story here right now. (My own personal story)

We would like to hear from a few other seeds before I take my dive into the oceans.

We are hear to listen and allow you all to have a space to express.



Email : animalswholovee@gmail.com

Instagram : animals.who.love

Facebook : pending creation


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